Long-lasting factory and warehouse line marking


Kiwi Carpark Markers are experts in clear, long-lasting factory and warehouse line marking


Providing clear safety instructions for your employees

The Kiwi Carpark Markers team has many years of experience in factory and warehouse line marking, and we’re well qualified to work in these environments.  An essential part of OH&S is to protect your site by visually warning both staff and visitors of hazards and keeping people and equipment in specified areas. We also have anti-skid warehouse marking products for all types of surfaces. 

Some advantages of properly designed factory and warehouse line marking include:

  • Help maximise the usage of space
  • Help comply with Occupational Health and Safety and the local authorities
  • Provides clear instructions for employees and visitors

Some ways in which you can protect your employees:

  • Marking clear walkways for pedestrians
  • Marking areas where forklifts and equipment are operating
  • Highlighting hazard areas such as protruding objects
  • Marking safety instructions and warning to employees entering an area.

To find out how we can help you and to arrange for a site visit, contact us on 0800 080 074